Welcome to Velfoods, your gateway to the world of preserves, exquisite wines, and exciting culinary adventures! At Velfoods, we are passionate about connecting food and beverage enthusiasts with the finest producers in the industry.

Who are we? We are a passionate and highly specialized company in export sales management to numerous food and beverage factories, as well as the ideal supplier for your canned goods purchases with customization in labeling, container and assorted truck purchases, with a strong focus on Spanish cuisine.

Our dedication is based on a solid market experience, which has allowed us to combine products from factories and producers in our product portfolio.

We take pride in being the link between the most prominent producers and international markets, and we work hard to offer you the best conditions for your purchases. With our deep sector knowledge, we ensure that your shopping experience is positive.

At Velfoods, we take responsibility for all management and paperwork. We take care of designing product labels for you, managing large-volume contracts, as well as comprehensive management of all related aspects, such as contract signing, quality certifications, and necessary documentation.

Why? Because we know that your time and effort are valuable, and we want to ensure that you can focus on what matters most: enjoying exceptional products at a competitive price.

Our commitment to professionalism and transparency is fundamental in all aspects of our service. In addition to catering to large contracts, we also handle the timely purchase of small product orders. And if you're looking for variety and convenience, don't worry! We have our own line of products under the PELLI brand, which are available in stock to meet your immediate needs.

Furthermore, we can label small orders with your own brand in our labeling warehouse. At Velfoods, we take pride in offering the best selection of vegetable preserves, fruit preserves, fish and seafood, spices, olives, and much more. We only work with factories and producers that meet our demanding standards of quality and flavor, thus guaranteeing the best value for our customers.

In summary, at Velfoods, we take pride in being your reliable partner in food and beverage export. Join us and discover a friendly and completely professional experience.

We are here to make your purchasing management for your business easier!

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